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July 11, 2013

When I asked Con to pick his party theme this year he was torn between sharks & pigeon.  We are big Pigeon fans in this house, don’t get me wrong, but a shark party would have been so much easier, I gotta say, haha.  There is nothing Pigeon out there, besides the books.  And we’ve already done a “bedtime stories” party, so I didn’t want to play up the “book” side of things.  But the boy wants what the boy wants, and if not on his birthday, then when?! haha  Spoiled, I swear it!!  lol

Anyway, he decided on Pigeon, and went around the house for weeks “Don’t let the pigeon crash the party!”  “No pigeons allowed at my party!”  “If I see pigeon at my party I will get him mom!”   So, off we went, planning a pigeon party…

I saw this post on Hostess with the Mostess – it was a Pottery Barn theme set up for a robot baby shower, and they had made these really cute little glitter thought bubbles – I knew right away that would be a great jumping off point for our party!  All the books are written in thought bubbles!  Hello genius, thank you for sharing your brilliance on the internet, cause otherwise I would have been lost! haha  And I consider myself a creative person, sheesh, dang pigeon party, haha.

I took the general colors from the books, added in some modern patterns, the pigeon sass, those brilliant thought bubbles, hot dogs, of course, and this is what we ended up with…

I create everything in photoshop & use my silhouette machine to cut everything out – that machine is awesome, makes everything so easy!! It’s my best friend when I’m party planning and making crafts!  I got the large thought bubble wood cut outs on Etsy, and painted them and modge podged the glitter ones, and then I got the party bags, clear bottles, & straws from Sweet Shop Lulu.  The fun food containers came from Oriental Trading, and those adorable cookies came from Batches on Etsy – she is Uh-Mazing!  Just fyi, haha.  I use her for all my cookies, they are always soooo cute, and beyond that, really freakin yummy!  All the adults rave about them even, soooooo recommend her!

I made tags for the goodie bags that read “So you get a goodie bag and I don’t?!!  I ask for goodie bags ALL THE TIME!!” and then each bag had a chocolate chip cookie, gummy hot dog candies, an orange sucker with pigeon cutout, and general things like bubbles, candies, & a bouncy ball.

For Sniggs’ 3rd birthday we saved all the presents for after the party because he didn’t do well with the attention, but I felt bad for the gifters, so I photographed him opening all his presents, and sent photos to each gifter, so they could still get a chance to see how excited he was to receive their sweet gift, and so I did that again this year.  I have loved doing presents this way so much, and I just put together a little storyboard in photoshop for the guests, and email it right to them as our thank you – it works so great.  If you are debating opening presents at a party, for various reasons, consider doing this, we’ve been doing it for years, and it’s a great solution!   Here’s a sample of one from this party…

I think our Pigeon party went great!  I let Connor pick a blow up obstacle course from a great local rental place – and we filled the yard with outdoor games, and had a big bbq – the weather here is amazing in March, and Sniggs just LOVES the outdoors, so it works out great to have big family parties in our backyard.

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