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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

December 22, 2013

Finally get to share our Christmas cards! Yay – I love waiting for everyone to get them though, so they are a surprise  : )

This year I wanted to do something for family where they could keep the photos year around, because I haven’t sent out photos of Connor in a really long time, my bad, haha   I decided to make film strips that could be easily taken out, and then I pretty much always use the back for a full bleed photo, so family can turn it over, and have a 5×7 print.

So, I took the size of the photo strips and just created an area around where I wanted them on my card in photoshop, and then added a quote I liked, in a cute way of course  ; )

Here’s how everything came, and how they turned out –

Hope you all have a fabulous Holiday season!  I have lots of sessions to share now that most cards are out, so be sure to come back soon to check them out!

Also, my website will be back up in January, and I’ll be back to taking sessions again and taking clients for custom websites & ProPhoto sites too!!  I’m very excited, really looking forward to what 2014 brings!  Hope you are as well  : )

I’ll leave ya with a few faves from Sniggs’ quick little mini card shoot … xoxo


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