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8 years with a ring on it

8 years with a ring on it

July 23, 2013

James … Sometimes I get into the car and you have already turned the seat warmer on for me because it’s cold outside.  Every night you bring enough water to bed for both of us.  Sometimes you clean up after your 13 hour work day just because you know I can’t handle putting another dish in the dishwasher.  You know me better than I know myself, and there’s proof of it every day.  All the small things you do, and think I don’t notice, (but I do), are proof of it.  And I love you more for it.

I never really stop to think how you’ve grown into the perfect man for me.  We get so busy with the day to day, that I guess I never realized how much we’ve changed.  We both used to be so different, in so many ways, but becoming a family has changed us for the better, and I love that we are changing together, for each other, and still staying so very much in love.  You are the perfect man for me, a different man than I married, but are still just as perfect for me as the man that I married, if not more perfect.  You have grown with me, alongside me.  And I love you more or it.

I can be a tad snooty (lets be honest, haha) and you never hesitate to call me on it.  You always know how to make it better though, and somehow, you always do.  Whether I am upset with you, or anything else, you always make it better.  You never just ignore it, or let me get away with walking out or turning over in bed.  And I love you more for it.

I love the way you want me, I love the way we play, and I know I say I hate it, but sometimes, I love how you just cuddle like a monkey person & won’t let go.  I love how you always have to kiss me goodbye when you leave for work, even though it’s like 5:30am and I’m layin there, hair all a mess, half asleep.  I love that you always text me when you’re leaving excited to come home & see us.  I love watching you play with Connor.  I love that you support everything I dream of doing.  I love that you work so hard for us.  I love that you found a sushi place we can both enjoy.  I love that you look sexy in a v-neck tee shirt.  I love how you kiss me.  I love that you are soooo funny.  I love that we tell each other everything.  I love that you are a great father.  And I love that you love me, in spite of me.  Everything I love, is everything you are, and I love you more for it.

Here’s to the next 8 years …. Happy Anniversary Lover Muffin


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  1. Rebecca Massimino

    July 23rd, 2013 at 10:16 am

    That was so sweet! I’m celebrating 8 years in September and I need you to write me a letter, just like that, for my husband!!!!!


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