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1: Summer Series – Learn How To Take Better Photos

1: Summer Series – Learn How To Take Better Photos

July 2, 2015



Here it is!  The first post in my little series that will teach you how to use your DSLR camera :)

Feel free to pin the lessons, so you can always look back on them, and share with all your friends!  Make sure you come back every week, for the next 10 weeks, to get all the info, and definitely let me know if you ever have any questions!  I look forward to seeing your work!!

Ok, bear with me here for this first post, it is going to be really really long, haha – I want to cover all the basics first, so we can get to the good stuff asap!  But I promise I won’t overwhelm you like this in the weeks to come!  lol

I hope you all enjoy the series :)  Happy Shooting!

1 copy2 copy4 copy5 copy6 copy7 copy8 copy9 copy10 copy11 copy12 copy13 copy14 copy16 copy17 copy18 copy19 copy

Ok, we are going to break there for week 1 – phew – that was a lot of info! haha  Hope it all makes sense, and is helpful!!

Read and re-read all you want, and please share with friends!

Next week will be all about Focus, then week 3 is Manual Mode – hope you’ll keep coming by!


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