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I offer branding and web design, and I share my whole journey through life as a small business owner myself, (the good, the 
bad, and even the personal), right here on my blog. 

I hope you'll get comfy, check 
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welcome to my blog

hi cutie

Week 8, we are almost through the whole series!  How are you doing with it all?  Hope you are enjoying it!! This week is pretty simple, a few little tips to help you go from snap shots to portraits, and some examples – have a great week! Happy shooting :)

  Week 7 is here!  Summer is going by so quickly right?!  I hate that feeling, and it’s only getting worse as I work my way to mid-30’s.          Not cool.  Anyway, hope you are enjoying the sunshine at least! This week is all about posing!  This takes so much practice, but […]

  Week 6 is super short, just a little tip to get you thinking outside of the box when looking for where to shoot! Hope you’re learning a lot with the series, and enjoying it!  Next week is posing! See you next time, happy shooting!

  Hi!  Hope you are all having a fabulous summer!!  Welcome back, ready for week 5??  Hope so!  All about composition, and it’s a pretty long post  :) I mention emailing me somewhere in here … definitely feel free to if you want a copy of the storyboards, I’ll just reply back with them as […]

  Hello!  This week is exciting, because it goes through all the basics of lighting!  Sorry it’s a day late, we were out of town for 3 days, celebrating 10 years of marriage!  Can’t believe it’s gone by so fast!  We found questions on pinterest to ask each other at dinner one night, and it […]