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welcome to my blog

hi cutie

Don’t go look at the date from my last blog post, it’s just sad.  Neglectful.  lol   Here’s to summer, and a fresh new start!!  I have a million things to blog & share!  Hope you’re excited … and ready! haha I made a little summer bucket list, & one of the main things is […]

Here is my updated gallery for the week :)  Yep, updated my 365 Thursday post on a Monday, what can I say?!  I live on the edge like that ;) Hope you enjoy the gallery, and have a fabulous week!!  

Happy Holidays!

December 22, 2013

Finally get to share our Christmas cards! Yay – I love waiting for everyone to get them though, so they are a surprise  : ) This year I wanted to do something for family where they could keep the photos year around, because I haven’t sent out photos of Connor in a really long time, […]

fff {Five Fact Friday}

November 15, 2013

#1 – I *may* have needed a pumpkin pie for a session I did this week.  Ok, I did.  And 2 of them. #2 – A bright & fun custom website I created for the fabulous Alisha with Colehearted Photography went live this week – check it out here! If you’re interested in custom site […]

Woot woot!  That’s right, FFF is back, and for real this time!!  lol   I would love to say it’s only been a few weeks, or months even, but I’m afraid it’s quite possibly been a year, or two (gahhh) since fff was consistant  : (  BUT!  It’s making a come back – hope you’re […]