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January 22, 2014

  I’ve been “inking” my craft projects for a few years now, and I love it!  It’s such a simple way to add so much depth & dimension to your cut projects.  If you haven’t tried it yet, check out this simple tutorial, and I swear, you’ll never go back to plain ol cutting & […]

For our 4th of July party we had our big water slide out, but we had a few families with kids coming, so we decided to add some more water fun to the yard, and we made the pinterest water bed thing.  So, I thought it would be a good post for “Tried It”  : […]


July 11, 2013

When I asked Con to pick his party theme this year he was torn between sharks & pigeon.  We are big Pigeon fans in this house, don’t get me wrong, but a shark party would have been so much easier, I gotta say, haha.  There is nothing Pigeon out there, besides the books.  And we’ve […]

Well, I cannot believe my little guy turned 5!  I know it’s like a broken record from all parents, but how does time go by so fast??  When I was little it was ok for me to grow up quickly, of course I wanted too, haha, but now, now that I’m a mom, it’s just […]

{Connor’s Party}

February 22, 2010

Connor’s party was yesterday, and we had so much fun!  He was SO excited as everyone started arriving, he was running up and down the stairs “HI HI HI, YAY! YAY!”  haha – too cute!  It’s pretty safe to say he and all his friends had a great time. Here’s a peek, this was the […]