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welcome to my blog

hi cutie

 Hey!  If you missed the post from Monday you will definitely want to check it out below!  Here is part 2 though  : )   The kids’ study/office & living room … Let me know what you think! This is a great example of how grey can look so very different with different lighting & […]

 So, a great friend of mine just re-did so much of her home & I wanted to share it, because it’s awesome!!  And I know you would all love to see it too!  I have to split this into two posts because it’s packed full with so much gorgeousness to look at, I wouldn’t want […]

This idea was in my head for so long, I’m so excited to actually be done with it!  It started with wanting to just trim out the wall behind our bed, but here in Texas they have those textured walls (yuck, haha) so I started looking for options to put behind the trim, for a […]

Oh man did my laundry room need an update!  Here’s the before photo – I’ll wait while you go ahead and pin that bad boy, haha Anyway, I’ve always been a front door entry kind of girl, but my hubbs has really been pushing the whole becoming the “parking in garage kind of girl” thing. […]