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five fact friday

five fact friday

March 16, 2012

It’s been a while huh?!


I went to see J* on tour with The FIX, in Dallas a couple weeks ago!  It was really cool to get to meet her, JD, David Jay, and the whole crew!  It was a gorgeous night, with a stunning set-up, and everyone was so open about anything and everything, it was totally motivational!  I hope you get the chance to go, if you haven’t already!


I launched my new site, then 2 weeks later changed it again, haha.  Bad habit.  But, I SWEAR, this time it was legit! haha  I made the switch over to HTML5, which is totally awesome!  No more flash for me, I’m movin’ on up!  You have got to go check it out on your smart phone or tablet, because it’s the same! Yep, same as on the computer, but on your iPhone.


I somehow feel like I’ve arrived because of this, haha.  Call me crazy, but it totally makes my day!  Way to go ShowIt!  Oh, and on a little side note, this past month marked my 3yr anniversary with ShowIt!  In the past 3 years I have had complete creative control over my website, and never once had to worry about any of that techy stuff.  THAT is amazing!


Ever since those gorgeous camera bags started coming out, I have been so jealous of all of you cute bag owners!  I don’t travel a lot, a couple times a year, but when I do I have to have my laptop with me, and it’s a 17 incher.  None of the cutesy bags had space for that, so I would search and search and just end up sad.  BUT, then Kelly Moore saved the day, well, the month, or year!  She introduced some new bags, and one was perfect for me, the Libby!  It’s a beast of bag, but oh so stunning, the perfect combo for me!  I ordered the Libby in lavender, of course I had to match my branding, haha, and now I am a happy camera bag owner.  So, I just wanted to share that with all of you, because it makes me smile.  Plus, when the bag arrived, it took my breath away (is that weird?)  It is even more stunning in person, and sooooo perfect for all my gear!  Here’s a cell snap of my new baby, go ahead and drool just a little, after all, I had to endure like a year of pining for a beautiful bag before getting my grubby little hands all over this one! haha  But, then you should totally go check out her bag site, because I bet there is a beauty that would fit your needs too, and then you can be super excited over a bag, just like a weidro, or eh-hum, like me :)  Happy Shopping!


I have made major progress on my office!  I’m so proud of myself, haha  Just about ready to bring in the clients!


I am way late to this whole Instagram thing, but totally obsessed.  You may have noticed all my cell snap pic shares today are Instagram pics.  I said I MAY be obsessed, verdict is still out though ;)

You can follow me if you want, I will totally follow you back, I’m cool like that.




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